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In context the 'Chuck Norris' comment is an actual reply to a comment marked as spam, though you have to be signed in (I think) YouTube and click links to see this original comment and context.

"immersedLen 1 hour ago - This has been flagged as spam - My father is doing work from the house and making 10-15 dollars for fifteen minutes easy work by simply answering quick surveys.
Pay a visit to this amazing site to find out more http://abc.xyz"

So Chuck offered only what his thoughts were on taking the above survey ;)

That said I was surprised by the above, typically you would find those comments in general.

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Watched this pretty amazing video just now:


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Tony McGrath 57 minutes ago
Well that just completely blew my mind. I'm a pretty tech-savvy filmmaker familiar with projection and moco units but I still can't really wrap my head around this. Genius.
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Chuck Norris 24 minutes ago
no suck my dick.

Pretty much sums up Youtube comments.


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