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> Wyvern is not yet fully engineered, Omar noted, but is an open source
> project that is ready for experimental use by early adopters. More
> information is available at http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~aldrich/wyvern/.

I attended a presentation by IBM back in 1996 or thereabouts with one of
the guys in charge of their back-then VisuaAge IDE (which included
VisualAge for Basic, VisualAge for Java, VisualAge for C++ and VisualAge
for Smalltalk).

At some point he said that since the back then was the same, eventually
"the idea is to eventually integrate all in the same IDE, and allow a team
of programmers to collaborate on a single project, each writing in their
language of choice, and the compiler/IDE taking care of the differences and
assembling the final product".

OR SO I remember, it was a long time ago.

Obviously it NEVER HAPPENED, and VisualAge is dead now. Which is a real
shame, because VisualAge for Basic had the potential to become the MS
VisualBasic killer... (being cross platform too, supporting Windows, OS/2
and Unix as targets).

Speaking of which, does the above support BASIC? ;)


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