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> ... technology and specifically ...

The "Future Land Warfare Report 2014" from the Australian Army's 
Directorate of Future Land Warfare Headquarters said "Military cyber 
operations can be as effective as precision-guided munitions against 
either a nation-state or a non-state actor": 

My suggestion was an "Australian CyberWarfare Battalion", made up of 
reserve personnel working in the IT industry: 

Also Australia could order four additional P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol 
Aircraft, fitted with CEA Technologies' Australian phased array radar 
technology, for electronic warfare and surveillance: 

Australia has already ordered EA-18G "Growler" Electronic Warfare 
variants of the F/A-18F Super Hornet aircraft: 

Also Australia should limit it purchase of submarines to six 
conventionally powered ones, smaller than the current Collins class. 
Instead investment could be made in Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 
(AUVs) to be launched from the submarines. The AUVs can use technology 
from the one person submarine made in Sydney for James Cameron: 

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