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[This seems to me to be technically lightweight, but I'd appreciate 
others' opinions.]

Digital Footprints: An Internet Society Reference Framework
28 Jan 2014
(9.5MB PDF)
[I had trouble downloading it, but it's come down fine for other people).

This document is structured to make it simple for you to understand 
and manage your digital footprints.

Each section deals with a particular topic:
*   How digital footprints are created,
*   Why third parties are interested in our digital footprints,
*   How privacy, economics, and legislation intersect, and so on.

Each section is self-contained, giving a description of the problem 
or topic, why it matters to you, and what you can do about it.

We grouped the sections into three over-arching themes (economics, 
risk and context), so you can treat the whole thing as a single 
document, or pick out a single section that interests you most, or 
read the sections that related to a common theme.

We finish with a guidance section, giving examples of four types of 
action you can take to develop your understanding and control of your 
digital footprint. If that's your over-riding concern, just go 
straight to "How can I manage my digital footprints?". However, the 
first recommendation you will find there is this: improve your 
understanding of the basic issues... which is exactly what we hope 
you will get from the rest of the document.

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