[LINK] Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager - examine your Flash cookies

Rick Welykochy rick at vitendo.ca
Fri Feb 7 11:35:28 AEDT 2014

Gentle Linkers,

You may have wondered why you cannot access your Adobe security
settings for flash cookies, camera and mic control, etc, from the control
panel on your own PC. This is because the settings management is available
only on the Macromedia website.

Incredible as it seems, the following link seems to be THE WAY to manage
your security settings for Adobe Flash Player:


You can use the following sub-page to remove Flash cookies and restrict or deny
their use in future.


One must wonder why such a facility is not included locally on your machine.
I would feel much more secure using the Flash product if I could examine
and remove Flash cookies, perhaps while offline.

One can only guess at the  possibilities for the above web page gathering
even more private information about you as you use the page to manage your
Flash security settings.

Adobe offers the following disclaimer regarding use of this page:

    The Settings Manager is a special control panel that runs on your local computer but is displayed within and accessed from the Adobe website. Adobe does not have access to the settings that you
    see in the Settings Manager or to personal information on your computer.

Does anyone believe them?


Rick Welykochy || Vitendo Consulting

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