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Fri Feb 7 13:53:29 AEDT 2014

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> The Whole of Government Desktop Hardware and Associated Services Panel (“the Panel”) has been established since October 2010.
> The term of the Panel was for 3 years with two options to extend for 12 months each. The first option to extend was exercised and the current term will expire in August 2014.
> Finance is planning an approach to market to establish a new ICT hardware and associated services panel in 2014. Finance is considering how it may achieve better value for money for the Commonwealth in the procurement of ICT Hardware, including desktop hardware and associated services.
> As part of Finance’s consultations, I invite feedback and comments from Industry and Agencies on how the Commonwealth may improve the performance of the arrangement and what it could consider for inclusion into its future ICT hardware and associated services procurement arrangements.
> Agencies and current panellists can provide feedback via email to ictprocurement at finance.gov.au
> I would appreciate if you could let me know:
>     * What has worked well?
>     * What needs to be improved?
>     * Should we change the scope of current offerings available under the Panel arrangement?
>       Please refer to Statement of Requirements in the RFT FIN10/AGI001 Part F – Statement of Requirements
>     * How can hardware and associated services procurement be improved to achieve greater efficiencies?
> We’ll take feedback via this blog post over the next two weeks. [DATED 5 FEB]
Marghanita da Cruz
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