[LINK] Adobe Flash problems - update fails with OS X Lion and above

Frank O'Connor francisoconnor3 at bigpond.com
Fri Feb 7 15:29:08 AEDT 2014

On 7 Feb 2014, at 11:12 am, Rick Welykochy <rick at vitendo.ca> wrote:

> Bring on HTML5 and embeded video. And Flash be damned.

Amen to that ... 

I've recently tried to eliminate as much Adobe software as possible from my machine ... the frequency of updating was quite simply driving me nuts, every time an update occurred Adobe would try to install a heap of software that I didn't want, and more often than not whatever was updated became even more irritating in operation than its previous version ... which I didn't think was possible. Factor in the security holes, and fresh attack vectors each new version enabled, and Adobe is simply becoming untenable.

Flash, Acrobat and the like are becoming way more trouble than they re worth.

Just my 2 cents worth ...

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