[LINK] WOW - A new web service for all Australians (BOM online weather community in Australia)

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Thu Feb 13 11:30:07 AEDT 2014


About WOW
WOW is for everyone interested in weather who wants to share and 
exchange information in an online community environment. It's a great 
resource for weather enthusiasts, educators, farmers, gardeners and 
anyone with an interesting weather photo or weather fact to contribute.

How you can 'share your weather' and make a difference
The independent information you submit to WOW increases knowledge of 
weather and climate, as well as raising awareness of unrecorded weather 
events. This leads to better informed communities, in remote, regional 
and local areas.

Your weather information really counts!

Here are some of the things you can do right now on WOW:

Submit regular manual and automatic weather observations
Upload photos or one-off 'quick' reports such as "it is hailing now", 
"it is foggy" or "there is a thunderstorm"
View data on maps, and also in tables and graphs
Compare your weather to local Bureau Automatic Weather Stations (AWS)

A dedicated Australian entry
WOW's success in the UK has led the Bureau of Meteorology to work with 
the Met Office (the UK's National Weather Service), to trial an 
Australian entry-point to WOW

History - in the making
WOW was developed by the Met Office. It was released in 2011 to provide 
a hub for UK weather observations, helping educate children about 
weather and encourage further growth in the UK's amateur weather 
observing community.

In November 2012 WOW won "Best Use of Cloud Services" and "IT Project 
Demonstrating Most Effective Use of Collaborative Technology" at the 
prestigious UK IT Industry Awards.

WOW's popularity continues to grow with an average of over four million 
observations being received every month. Please view, or register and 
start submitting your observations and help make WOW a success in 

(Disclaimer: I work for the BOM, but had nothing to do with this.)

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