[LINK] European Internet Will Not Stop Eavesdropping

Jan Whitaker jwhit at internode.on.net
Thu Feb 20 12:51:35 AEDT 2014

At 12:44 PM 20/02/2014, Roger Clarke wrote:
>The question of extra-territorial reach of national law, in
>particular (but not exclusively) of the US PATRIOT and FISAA laws, is
>a separate matter.  The solution to that is simple and obvious, but
>would of course lead to nasty trade wars between the US and Europe.

There is also the little problem of the need for cross-border 
communications outside Europe, which then opens the data to 
exploitation anyway. It's sort of like the nation-state version of 
unplugging your organisation from the net for 'optimum' security. It 
'works', but sort of defeats purpose.


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