[LINK] Free Big Data Conference at ANU in Canberra Wednesday

Andy Farkas andyf at andyit.com.au
Mon Nov 17 08:02:01 AEDT 2014

On 16/11/14 09:51, Tom Worthington wrote:
> There are still some free tickets left for the "Big data, big
> opportunity" conference

There is a doco on SBS about big data:


"Every day we produce more data than the human race did from
  the dawn of civilisation until the year 2000. Twitter, search engines,
  scientific experiments, stock markets - these colossal databases
  can be mined for valuable, sometimes mind-blowing, insights using
  the most sophisticated algorithms ever created. This documentary
  explores how scientists are using technology and innovation to search
  data. From the police department who are using an algorithm to
  predict where crime will strike next, to a mobile phone app that
  knows that you are unwell before you do, to the man whose $5.5
  billion hedge fund uses cosmologists, code breakers and particle
  physicists to inform decisions. (From the UK) (Documentary) G CC"


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