[LINK] Amnesty: detekt: New tool for spy victims to detect government surveillance

Stephen Loosley stephenloosley at zoho.com
Thu Nov 20 23:19:06 AEDT 2014

---- On Thu, 20 Nov 2014 17:36:58 +1100 Kim Holburn wrote ---- 

> http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/new-tool-spy-victims-detect-government-surveillance-2014-11-20 
> https://resistsurveillance.org/ 
>> A new tool to enable journalists and human rights defenders to scan their computers for known surveillance spyware has been released today by Amnesty International and a coalition of human rights and technology organizations. 
>> Detekt is the first tool to be made available to the public that detects major known surveillance spyware, some of which is used by governments, in computers..

Thanks Kim. 

After a 26Mb download and half an hour of hard drive thrashing, for mine their .exe file proclaims, "Looks good. I wasn't able to identify the presence of any obvious spyware. Please note that this does not necessarily mean your computer is clean. If you have strong suspicion of being targeted, please do seek assistance." 

Well, that's good to know anyway :-)


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