[LINK] Renewable energy 'simply WON'T WORK' (Andy Farkas)

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>The big problem is how do highly energy intensive industries cope. I suspect there will be a niche for small scale modular nuclear.

Isn't this back to the redistribution so that areas that can use renewables do so as much as possible, and use the power station generation systems as necessary where renewables can't support? For example, Victoria is losing an aluminium processing plant which had its own power plant nearby. There is pressure to shut the power plant and its coal mine now as surplus to needs.

Where it's getting tricky is the decline in demand on the sunk capital cost power stations, so that those who are still using that in the domestic markets are being charged more to keep up their financial repayments and profit margins. If manufacturing ever comes back, that could possibly change the mix again.

And then there's the gold plating problem in NSW.


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