[LINK] Renewable energy 'simply WON'T WORK'

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At 11:11 AM 26/11/2014, David Boxall wrote:
>To get this a bit more on topic for Link, I reckon much of the solution 
>lies in demand management, "smart grids" and other efficiencies. 

That helps a lot. Do you guys remember the oil shock and the reduction in flights? Companies pulled way back and turned to technology instead. Some attribute the growth of videoconferencing to that in the 1980s. Business wasn't going to stop, so they found another way. Now that we have much more bandwidth available, there has been a shift to some, but not optimal I would say, movement of info instead of "objects" (people) when not necessary. There's probably some more gains to be made through behavioural change. To work, though, the third and fourth extended 'tendrils' need to be beefed up.

In that regard, I've been concerned about the ABC increased move to online as their distribution medium in their rhetoric at least, when those regional/rural tendrils are so still underclassed. If the NBN had continued, that may have been solved, but it hasn't. Plus there is also the provisioning at the headends. My example today was trying to get a copy of the Upper House boundary map for Victoria for the election this weekend from the VEC. 2.6Mb PDF file. It was being sent to me at -- you won't believe this -- 1.3 - 5 KILObytes per second. I tried three times and gave up. They obviously haven't upscaled to meet demand or haven't balanced their servers correctly (I think I have that terminology right; I'll leave it to the sysadmins to laugh at me now).

So there is a need to balance a few things: energy demands, info transfer demands, and human behaviour and processes for it all to work better. Optimal is out of the question, but better would be a nice start.


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