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At 09:37 AM 1/04/2015, Scott Howard you wrote:

>Yes.  Very much yes.
>I currently have HFC with Comcast.  I have their slowest plan they offer for straight Internet, which is ~50MBps, but I can easily upgrade to ~300Mbps (in some areas ~500Mbps), and they have already announced that they will be offering 1Gbps in some areas later this year.

What about the degradation part of the question? Or is your speed so high (headroom) that degradation isn't noticed?

I'm wondering if the load variability will change when entire neighbourhoods are hooked up to it instead of the occasional person on the street who opts for it now. In future, those of us who will be required to take it for net/voice services along with everyone else in the street will be sharing it all. One would hope they would provision appropriately, but who knows???

My friend I've described here previously had HFC, in fact had just installed it late last year, and they switched her over to fibre. So much for cost savings, eh, Malcolm? I told her that having fibre is the best option if you can get it, though, but the hoops she had to jump through with Telstra to get them to understand it wasn't her choice to break the contract was crazy nuts.


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