[LINK] OT: Anyone able to download e.g. Shaun Macallif ep 9?

David Lochrin dlochrin at d2.net.au
Mon Apr 13 15:48:20 AEST 2015

The ABC, or rather the group responsible for developing & maintaining their online services, appear to have a very narrow, techie view of their responsibilities.  The only thing which matters seems to be someone's assessment of "user experience" regardless of whether the relevant protocols are proprietary or not.

On trying to get iView help as a Linux user I was essentially told that I could migrate to Windows, run Google Chrome, or do without.  I do without.  The streaming radio programs have the same sorts of problems.

I suggest a taxpayer-funded public broadcaster should be required to support public-domain standards, whether or not they also offer some proprietary protocol available in Windows 99, version 10, update 3.7B.  Otherwise they risk being seen as a department of MS.

David L.

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