[LINK] OT: Anyone able to download e.g. Shaun Macallif ep 9?

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Mon Apr 13 16:10:10 AEST 2015

On 12-Apr-15 10:36 PM, Karl Auer wrote:
> Totally off topic.
> Of late, some programs are not downloading from iView - I get a 404
> instead.
> Was just wondering if anyone had successfully downloaded (for example)
> Shaun Macallif episode 9? Other than to an iPad?

Do you mean stream/play or download the file for playing later?

I thought iview only allows streaming, and not downloads.

FYI, I can play Macallif episode 9 - Windows 8.1, Firefox 37.0.1

> Oddly enough, the previous 8 episodes of that have downloaded fine.
> Similarly, I can't get "Comedy Up Late episodes 2 and 3, though episode
> 1 downloaded fine.
> Thanks, K.
> PS: The ABC discontinued their excellent iView message board, where
> iView users could compare notes. It was great, and the fastest way to
> find out if other people had the same problem as you. Now it's a case or
> filling out a web form. If you are exceptionally lucky you might get a
> response in a few weeks saying something vague and useless or pointing
> you to two or three irrelevant FAQ entries. Nice one, Aunty.



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