[LINK] Thieves using a $17 power amplifier to break into cars with remote keyless systems

jore community at thoughtmaybe.com
Wed Apr 22 14:46:42 AEST 2015

On 22/04/2015 12:55 PM, David Lochrin wrote:
>  But I can't imagine any protection against the device other than biometrics (not worth it) or "something you know" as well as "something you have".

On 22/04/2015 1:31 PM, Jim Birch wrote:
> It might be possible to develop signalling strategies that detect a
> repeater signal.  It might also be possible to backrev a good old entry
> button (or an off switch) into the key.

Or, you could, you know, just do away with this nonsense and have a good
fashioned key. No need to put that in the freezer or do all this whiz
bang computer checking or biometrics or fancy this or that.


The technoculture always seems to be an end in-and-of itself rather than
a means-to-an-end.

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