[LINK] itN: UK USO 2 Mbps in 2016, 10 Mbps by 2020

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At 10:33 AM 9/11/2015, Roger Clarke wrote:

>UK Prime Minister David Cameron said in a statement the aim was to 
>make sure all of Britain is online, in order to become the most 
>prosperous economy in Europe.

It's a great aim. And having decent connectivity is part of the equation. But it's not the whole part. Where govts strike trouble is when they assume everyone does have access and that their systems are designed for accessibility. We all know that's bad thinking and leads to disenfranchisement.

Heck, we've just had a story about a brand new multi-story carpark at Frankston Hospital withOUT a lift. Think about that in terms of discrimination. Yes, they have made the ground level 'reserved' for patients, but what about staff mobility from those 2 upper levels? At least they put in stairs!

If you want a sure bet, always take the side of a govt stuffing up something in a major, or it seems even a common sense minor, project.


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