[LINK] Tech startups release manifesto for policy change after government's Policy Hack

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On 2015/Nov/16, at 9:41 AM, Tom Worthington <tom.worthington at tomw.net.au> wrote:

> The idea that you use one fixed data network at home and then you to 
> switch over to a different "mobile" one when you step out the front gate 
> seems an antiquated idea. Hardly anyone does that for making phone calls 
> any more, so why should should they do it with data?

I'm pretty sure I have done this.  Talking on skype on a mobile.  Moving from wifi to wireless data.  Cell phones switch from one cell to another seamlessly (in theory).  Large scale wifi networks do this as well.  Transferring from a home wifi to a wireless data connection shouldn't be a big deal, nor should transferring from wired to wireless.  Seamless handover is a technical problem not a justification for wireless last mile.

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