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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Fri Nov 20 08:32:31 AEDT 2015

On 18/11/15 10:41, Roger Clarke wrote:

> ...presumably Tobias Freakin ...

That is, I assume, Dr Tobias Feakin from ASPI (lets not make jokes about 
people's names): 

His "emerging agenda for cybersecurity", with Jennings looks reasonable: 

> Turnbull might just demand of his lazy, hands-off bureaucrats that
> they roll their sleeves up and actually do something. ...

As a former bureaucrat, I think that is a bit harsh. You try writing a 
policy which takes into account multiple mutually contradictory 
approaches of different agencies and conflicting political agendas of 
competing ministers and see how easy it is.

Also it is not the job of the bureaucrats to actually *do* anything: 
their job is to write policy for others, in operational agencies and the 
private sector, to do things.

In terms of what to do, I suggest an easy first step is to have people 
from the security agencies, government and private sectors jointly 
trained in cyber-security. They would then know what to do and who to 
call on. That should be an uncontroversial proposal, which takes a 
minimal amount of money. It would provide plenty of photo opportunities 
for ministers to open training centers and hand out certificates to 

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