[LINK] The data drought

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Fri Oct 9 16:21:21 AEDT 2015

On 7/10/2015 8:47 PM, Richard Archer wrote:
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> And then we got unlucky again.
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"Yesterday a distance education Mum / Home Tutor (yes it's a multiple 
hat wearing position !) had to resort to doing school in her car with 
her two girls, she drove until they could get mobile reception so they 
could complete their 'on air lessons'."

Quite apart from the evident failure of other means' of access, there's 
the question of cost. Our government likes to pretend that mobile data 
is "comparable" to ADSL. To my mind, it's "comparable" as a mouse is 
"comparable" to an elephant.

 From one of the comments: 
"... these children deserve better their education time is NOW not in 
2020 when the NBN is sorted .. The govt / education dept decided that 
this is how they will deliver classes now they need to ensure fair 
access to those classes ..."

Is "in 2020 when the NBN is sorted" unrealistically optimistic? I reckon 
we'll just be aware of more shortcomings by then.

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