[LINK] NBN spent $14m on 1800km of new copper for FTTN

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Wed Oct 21 13:57:18 AEDT 2015

On 21/10/2015 2:16 PM, David Boxall wrote:
> What's the logic here? :/
> <http://www.itnews.com.au/news/nbn-spent-14m-on-1800km-of-new-copper-for-fttn-410778>
Nothing to see here, move on.
There was always a need for copper cables between the pillar and the adjacent node
cabinet - with roughly 200 premises served by a pillar, thats roughly 400 pairs+extra
required, and if the cabinet is anything up to 100 metres away (and occasionally up to
300m apparently) thats roughly half a kilometre of 100-pair cable required to hook up
a single node cabinet.

as I said on another list just now, next journos will be making a mountain out of the
hectares of sheet steel required to build the ~60,000 cabinets.

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