[LINK] NBN spent $14m on 1800km of new copper for FTTN

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Thu Oct 22 09:30:01 AEDT 2015

On 21/10/2015 12:30 PM, Michael Still wrote:
> Well, lets ignore that they actually said the copper was to hook the 
> 60,000 node pillars up to the existing copper. It's still dumb, but 
> not that dumb.
> That's only 30 meters per pillar.
> ...
"A few weeks ago we popped down from Sydney to Canberra (Press Club) to 
hear Bill Morrow (CEO NBN) talk. Room was not full as Malcolm Turnbull 
was taking reigns about 800 m away (but it was "interesting" to see a 
senior ACMA person on the Telstra table).

Anyway - Bill stated in his talk that the pair copper (cable 
infrastructure) was in much better condition than he was expecting, in 
consideration of the earlier reports and my 30+ years telecomms 
experience, I also found this "interesting".

1800 km is an awful lot of (inter 200 pair?) cable that could have been 
SMOF cable to do it once and do it right.

Being generous, each sputnik / pillar would connect 200 to 1800 pairs 
(say 400 pairs); so about 40 m per sputnik is required.

There are about say 390 suburbs and about 415 large towns in Australia. 
My guess is that about 80% of these will be (incorrectly?) fitted with 
VDSL instead of FTTP. So this will be about 644 urban localities with 
about say 5500 lines per suburb/town, or about 14 DAs per suburb/town, a 
total of about 9016 sputniks, requiring about 40 m each or about 361 km 
of 200-pair cable to interconnect the powered Remote nodes to the 
pre-existing sputniks.

This leaves about 17,639 km of pair copper cable (about 98%) to account 
for - "interesting"! Maybe the 2-pair copper lead-ins are not as much in 
a "better condition" as stated in the talk?"

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