[LINK] NBN Long Term Satellite restrictions

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At 08:53 PM 23/10/2015, David Boxall wrote:

>Looks like they've finally realised that satellite isn't fibre - nor 
>even copper or terrestrial wireless. 

Fascinating data in there re usage levels.
Hard to understand what everyone is doing with all that use -- torrents????? Multiple people on the same account?
My highest monthly uses has been 31.61GB in April this year and 30.60GB in March 2014. Avg per month looks like around 12GB on a plain ADSL line maxing at data rates of 8mbps. Of course, that's not using Netflix data because that isn't charged in my account. I suppose if I did more video intensive stuff, my usage would go up, but I haven't gone totally off FTA tv.


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