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At 11:30 PM 23/10/2015, Fernando Cassia wrote:
>Have you used Youtube lately? They implemented this bloody "autoplay"
>feature that automatically loads another "related" video at the end of
>the current one, basically making Youtube a continuos stream of
>non-stop videos after you hit play on one.
>One night I forgot a tab with youtube loaded where I was watching
>music videos... 

Of course! I have had that happen, leaving a tab open w/ Youtube. BUT I put my laptop to sleep each night, so I don't have the risk of it running all night.

I DID have this happen with a TV dongle once, though. I couldn't figure out what was happening, data flowing, nothing on that I could see. Turns out the dongle was running BBC News all night and I hadn't considered it because I had changed the TV channel and even turned the TV off. But because the dongle had an independent connection to the network, it was happily going along doing what it was programmed to do, but I just couldn't see it. I no longer have that dongle - it wasn't reliable (EZCast rebadged as Bauhn from Aldi) except for that night! That's what pretty  much used all that data in April this year; the 2014 bump was watching the Pistorius trial in SA.


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