[LINK] NBN Long Term Satellite restrictions

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Mon Oct 26 00:49:16 AEDT 2015

On 23/10/2015 10:50 PM, JanW wrote:
> At 08:53 PM 23/10/2015, David Boxall wrote:
>> <http://blog.jxeeno.com/nbn-long-term-satellite-restrictions-revealed/>
>> Looks like they've finally realised that satellite isn't fibre - nor 
>> even copper or terrestrial wireless. 
> Fascinating data in there re usage levels.
> Hard to understand what everyone is doing with all that use -- torrents????? Multiple people on the same account?
> My highest monthly uses has been 31.61GB in April this year and 30.60GB in March 2014. Avg per month looks like around 12GB on a plain ADSL line maxing at data rates of 8mbps. Of course, that's not using Netflix data because that isn't charged in my account. I suppose if I did more video intensive stuff, my usage would go up, but I haven't gone totally off FTA tv.

Multiple people, and many devices - an entire household - on one account.

It might not necessarily be video. It wouldn't be too hard to get 1 - 2 GB each month
just with smartphone app updates, and if you have a few in the house...
The latest Playstation 4 firmware update was ~ 300MB, others have been several GB in size.
Popular this month was the new Star Wars Battlefront betatest game, which was ~16 GB
in two downloads. Other downloadable games can be 30 GB+.
All it takes is for someone to kick one of those off, and it will run for days and nights.
Windows/Mac software updates can add up, especially if there are several devices in
the house - between desktops and laptops in my house, OS updates and patches are
downloaded at least 6 times. Then occasionally you plug in a new mouse, and end up
downloading several GB of driver installation software.  

And this is satelllite, which is installed in rural areas, so it wouldn't surprise me
if a lot of users are working extensively with satellite imaging data and trusty BOM
weather radar maps, which can also add up (Does anyone know how much data is
downloaded if the BOM weather radar animation is left running 24x7)?

It all adds up.

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