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On 24/10/15 10:46, David Boxall wrote:

> ... If memory serves, one child averages about 20GB/month for
> educational purposes. ...

Sorry, I intended to reply to the list:

Yes, Paul Fletcher MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for 
Communications said on 19 May 201:

"Work by the Department of Communications suggests that a typical 
distance education student will download 15 to 20 gigabytes (GB) of data 
in a month." From "CommsDay Satellite Summit: 'Putting satellite to its 
highest value uses'": 

I can't find the research this is based on. But one parent has told me 
that their child's studies use 5 to 15 hours of video conferencing a 
week. Depending on the setting used, would be enough to use up 20GB in a 

The data use for Distance Education (DE) is mostly taken up by video and 
depends on the resolution the course designer, teacher and student 
choose to use. A full time DE university student would watch about two 
hours of prerecorded video and take part in two hours of live 
webinar/videoconference a week.

The prerecorded video could be downloaded over-night to make use of 
off-peak data allocation (the material is recorded months, or years, in 
advance) and a lower frame rates and resolution used for live events, to 
reduce data use.

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