[LINK] Digital Inclusion at the National Library in Canberra This Friday

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu Oct 29 08:42:21 AEDT 2015

Helen Milner OBE, CEO of the Tinder Foundation will be speaking at the 
Canberra Digital Inclusion Manifesto Workshop, 10:30am, 30 October 2015 
at the National Library of Australia: 

This will be followed by a public lecture by Helen on "Leaving no one 
behind: Can Australia be truly a digital nation? Stories from the UK", 
at 1pm: https://www.nla.gov.au/event/digital-inclusion

     "In Australia, there are 3.7 million people who have never used the 
internet. On top of this, many Australians who do have internet access, 
are not confident enough to do the basics. To become a truly leading, 
inclusive and global digital nation we need everyone to become confident 
internet users by 2020."

I suggest an aspect of digital literacy which needs to be addressed in 
Australia is the data use of on-line applications. This particularly 
impacts remote users of the NBN Interim Satellite Service, with the so 
called "Data Drought". Users find their small data allocation is soon 
used up on day to activities, so that their children then can't access 
on-line education. This will remain a problem even with the new NBN "Sky 
Muster" satellite.

ps: The Tinder Foundation is a UK not-for-profit organization helping 
with digital literacy and access for the community. Not to be confused 
with Tinder the dating App. ;-)

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