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On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 12:25:12PM +1100, David Boxall wrote:
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> > Therefore, the only way out of this disastrous national telecomms 
> > infrastructure wreckage is to immediately put all the telecomms 
> > infrastructure in sub-Government (Commission) hands, so the natural 
> > focus is to provide consistent Broadband technology overall Australia 
> > (i.e. outside the main capital cities) and focus the Retail Reselling 
> > in Private hands (as their core business).

that's part of what the original (Labor) NBN was supposed to do.
public-owned and managed infrastructure, with numerous private service
providers on top all using the same infrastructure as a level playing

of course, that's too competitive for huge corporate monopolists (they
might have to compete on service or quality or innovation rather than
customer lock-in and a plethora of product confusion), so it had to die.


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