[LINK] Will humans be banned from driving?

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Wed Jun 1 17:02:48 AEST 2016

On 1/06/2016 4:24 PM, Frank O'Connor wrote:
> Actually, commercial aeroplanes have pretty much been fully automated. You can enter coordinates/destinations/flight plans into the modern autopilot and the plane will take off, fly to the destination and land without any human intervention at all. I’m not too sure about the taxiing, but everything about the flying can effectively occur without any intervention from the pilot.

But the pilot can still take over if necessary. And (s)he has to undergo
lots of training/assessment every year to keep their skills up. A
problem created by the solution.
>> And changing technology can be much harder than changing human behaviour
>> - given the right incentives.

I wasn't referring to long term behavioural changes, I was talking about
instant change of behaviour in rapidly changing, unexpected or unplanned

> I did Honours level Psychology, amongst other things, during my academic career ... (That said, I’ve been a grumpy old anthropomorphic bastard for years … so my views on automation may be coloured by my dislike of my fellow Man.)

My MEng and PhD were in Control Engineering - you know, what people
study if they want to learn about control systems and automation. I know
what can go wrong and how hard it is to predict the use of technology.

As an engineer I'm naturally cautious; I prefer evidence that things
will work, not hope and guesswork.



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