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At 11:28 AM 9/06/2016, David Lochrin wrote:
>Stephen & Mike raise a really excellent question (below).  Only a human can assume moral or legal responsibility, so who would be responsible for a death caused by the actions of a vehicle computer? 

I had the same question when I read about the mine truck application. What is the legal liability here when one of these auto-autos (ha!) goes off the rails and kills someone? We see in scifi the rogue robot and AI goes mad, a la HAL. But this is more about what BRD points out - inability to anticipate changed environmental circumstances in a dynamic world. Mines are much more predictable. People can be kept out with fences, usually. It is a much more controlled environment. The Normal world is far from it.

I've just been scanning this convo, so sorry if this has already been discussed. In the ehealth world, the issues of medico-legal responsibility is still an open question as well as far as I know.


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