[LINK] Why you may not own, or drive your vehicle in 10 years time

Andy Farkas andyf at andyit.com.au
Fri Jun 10 09:04:19 AEST 2016

On 09/06/2016 23:11, Karl Auer wrote:
> Computers were never going to play chess. Until they did.
> Computers were never going to play Go. Until they did.
> Computers will never drive cars... until they do.

Chess and Go have finite logical outcomes that are governed
by strict rules.

Driving (and life) are dynamic chaotic experiences that are
structured around rules, but illogical events happen (think

Driving is a learning experience. Something different happens
every time. Something that a human uses intuition or previous
experiences to navigate.

There is a place for auto-cars, but they will not be the only
things on the roads.


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