[LINK] Why you may not own, or drive your vehicle in 10 years time

David Lochrin dlochrin at key.net.au
Sat Jun 11 09:55:23 AEST 2016

On 2016-06-10 13:10 Paul Bolger wrote:

> Personally I can’t wait for advertising subsidised travel. “Sir, in a moment we’ll be passing your local supermarket, and for a short time I’m authorised to offer you, at an incredible %25 off … SIR! If you don’t take those earbuds out in five seconds I will be charging you the full price for this trip, and a $10 contract dishonorment fee.”

......(:-))   So that's why Google are interested in driverless cars?

It's been an energetic and interesting discussion, thank you everyone!

David L.

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