[LINK] Land lines giving way to wireless

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Thu Jun 16 11:51:40 AEST 2016

An interesting selection of comments from:
> ... The other problem here is that if the cables fail they are now 
> installing aerial to the tower rather than repair cables, which means 
> a lot of people in my community have NO phone contact if they have a 
> problem. ...
> ... To make things worse we lost a member of our community in an 
> accident yesterday and his parents only contact via phone is their 
> mobile because Telstra will not fix their landline they had no phone 
> this morning.
> We had the exact same problem with our tower in June. We would have 
> periods where the tower would go down for an hour or half a day or all 
> day. It took weeks to get the message through to telstra that there 
> was a problem. People in the community would ring and the call centre 
> person would direct them to the faults page on their website which is 
> incredibly frustrating when you can't get on the internet! I was 
> driving 80kms to the next town nearly every second day to get work 
> done. It took about a month of everyone complaining (in the nearest 
> store 80km away, online and over the phone) for telstra to tell us 
> there was a part that needed replacing on the tower and they couldn't 
> find a replacement part so there was no resolution time. It took about 
> 6 weeks for it to get fixed in the end. the only advice I can offer is 
> to keep complaining and try to get to the nearest telstra store to get 
> a local person on the job.

I wonder how much of the vaunted shift to mobile is Telstra forcing 
subscribers off land lines?

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