[LINK] Broadband: It’s buggered in the bush

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Sun Jun 19 15:55:22 AEST 2016

> Internet Australia has called for the Universal Service Obligation – a 
> scheme designed to ensure that everyone can have a basic telephone – 
> to be extended to include broadband connectivity. The Productivity 
> Commission is currently holding an inquiry into the USO and it is 
> highly likely that there will be quite a number of submissions from 
> delegates who saw this as an issue critical to their futures and those 
> of their children.
> Internet access is not just about people keeping in contact with one 
> another online or watching television. Children struggling to complete 
> distance education with limited download speeds, limited data 
> allowances and frequent service disruptions is but one of the issues 
> facing people living outside the major population centres. Driving 
> hours at a time, often on multiple occasions in the same week, for 
> medical appointments that could very effectively be handled online, 
> via videoconference or remote diagnostic systems, with high speed 
> Internet access also had delegates pleading for action.

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