[LINK] Internet access and participation in modern society

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Wed Jun 22 11:31:38 AEST 2016

Interesting Facebook comment on the impact of poor Internet access on 
participation in the modern world.

> I had completed an expression of interest to be a Field Officer for 
> this year's ABS census. I thought it would be an interesting 
> experience and the extra pocket money wouldn't hurt either.
> Having spoken to the ABS representative, they recommend that Field 
> Officers increase their internet plan for the months of July and 
> August to cope with the work required. This is all fully reimbursed to 
> the Field Officers. Of course, I had to tell the representative that I 
> can't purchase extra data on my satellite internet plan. And that if I 
> use up all of my 20GB before the deadline of August 9, it will then 
> mean spending the rest of the month shaped which I am unwilling to do 
> as it makes even paying my bills impossible!
> People just don't understand how limiting the ‪#‎datadrought‬ can be. 
> I know this is only one small example (I have many more), but it 
> really hit home how the assumption that everyone has access to 
> high-speed internet (and I'm talking "faster than dialup") is making 
> it increasingly difficult for those of us who don't.

And one of the comments:
> I had applied for a polling booth position for the upcoming elections, 
> a job I have been doing for 16 years!! All of a sudden they now 
> require people to have police checks,which have to be certified then 
> uploaded to the AEC website. Once that's done, you then have to do the 
> online training...now that starts a whole new conversation...all the 
> online training is via high definition videos???
> I have explained to them, that I will not be doing it, even though we 
> are on ADSL2, which only just gives us coverage...how do they expect 
> they are going to get people in regional and remote areas to be able 
> to do this??? They just don't get it!!..not as if it is for the money
I reckon they risk finding that many not-so-remote applicants don't have 
the necessary access either.

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