[LINK] Olli, the 3D-printed, driverless bus.

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Fri Jun 24 20:57:26 AEST 2016


> If and when the time comes that driverless public vehicles can legally 
> shuttle passengers, you'll be able to summon an Olli through an app, 
> just like Uber. And if Local Motors' plans pan out, a lot of people 
> around the globe will be using that app: Company co-founder John 
> Rogers envisions building hundreds of micro-factories all over the 
> world that can 3D print an Olli within 10 hours and assemble it one.

And a plan for the Hunter region:
> The leader of the NSW Opposition has unveiled a plan to make the 
> state’s Hunter region a national hub for clean technology industry, 
> including the manufacture of driverless cars.
> ...
> Foley says that the Hunter region – a former coal mining hub for the 
> state – is perfectly placed to tap the emerging low carbon economy 
> “with all the ingredients for a national hub of clean technology 
> industry,” including the decline of the local coal industry.

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