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At 01:39 PM 27/06/2016, David Lochrin wrote:
>> For example, lots of small buses instead of fewer large ones.
>That's fine in principle, but I strongly suspect the optimum size of a bus is determined by its service requirements, such as the number of people to be moved between major centres at various times during the day together with the economics of capital cost, garaging, parts & maintenance, staffing, etc.  There's no way we're going to triple the number of buses because of the limitations of battery technology. 

These smaller buses would be terrific in narrow street neighbourhoods where the estates were designed with no room for bus traffic or streetside parking like mine. It would be especially useful for the elderly who can't walk to bus stops from these sorts of estates, especially in bad weather. For one thing it would alleviate parking congestion at stations as well. Run the buses more frequently with a smaller number of passengers in a small geographic footprint. I would love that.

Victoria is announcing a coordinated state transport commission/board/whatever today to try to break through the stove pipes of rail, road, public transport, shipping and freight. Imagine that!


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