[LINK] Bridging the Digital Divide in Indonesia at ANU Wednesday

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue Jun 28 14:33:43 AEST 2016

Indonesian IT educator, Onno Purbo, from STKIP Surya will speak on 
"Bridging the 'digital divide' in Indonesia", at the Australian National 
University in Canberra, 12:30 pm, 29 June 2016: 

      "Indonesia's internet penetration is only around 20%, far below 
other countries in Southeast Asia including Malaysia (68%), Vietnam 
(52%) and the Philippines (44%). This presentation will review the 
predicament Indonesia faces, which is poor Internet access to rural 
areas and villages. For many years, the Indonesian government has tried 
to rectify this problem. In this presentation I will examine 'top-down' 
government approaches, as well as 'bottom up' community-based 
self-financing approaches. ...

     I will argue that the simplest option to increase internet 
penetration in Indonesia is to improve the empowerment processes of 
citizens, and conduct larger surveys before infrastructure deployment is 
implemented by the government. This is essential to ensure that future 
'top-down' policies do not follow the path of their predecessors." From 
"Bridging the 'digital divide' in Indonesia", Onno Purbo.

For more on Onno Purbo, see "We need to cultivate human capacity, Onno" 
by Robbie Mitchell, APNIC, 28 Aug 2015: 

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