[LINK] MyGov down today

Stephen Loosley stephenloosley at zoho.com
Tue Nov 1 00:42:27 AEDT 2016

It seems the MyGov website went down today .. 

Herman E Hofman @Her... 29 seconds
#myGov is not working. Shades of census night. All Government IT should be outsourced to Amazon.

Adrian Cutts @|_YBASl<w S min
Major issues happening with #MyGov website. Know any Ned Flanders who did their tax four months ago‘?

Zahir @ZaherHosain 5min
Hi ATO #MyGov Site is down and not responding. Will I be fined If can't submit return today?

SB Tang @sb_tang 6min
Hi, I'm trying to submit my tax retum via MyGov. It appears to be down. Please help. .

  myGov @myGovau 15min
  Nata|ie65596852 We can confirm there are intermittent issues which we’re investigating. Sorry for any  inconvenience, please try later

Alison Evans @_budgie 33min
mygov won't load, surprising literally no one

Maz McEwan @mazmcewan 47min
myG0vau Whats going on with the myGov site? Wont load. Need to do tax retum today...

Danielle Emond @dee_ant... 47min
myG0vau is the MyGov site down?


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