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At 01:38 AM 8/11/2016, Stephen Loosley wrote:

>Freeview FV can already mirror to Apple TV using AirPlay. Business Insider has contacted Freeview about any plans to support Google Chromecast.

I was looking forward to this app when I heard about it earlier. But, still far too many holes in this thing for me. It requires individual apps per for each broadcaster. I can't fit any more apps on my tablet, although I have kept SBS and Iview. I tossed the others because they do NOT have all the programs available, which was a disappointment. I use Chromecast as my connection to TV, so that's out. Using by commuters and paying for the data streams on 3 or 4G is insane. Not keen on them tracking my location either.

>work on both iPhones and iPads, but for Android users it is only optimised for mobile devices

I don't understand that - are they saying iPhones/Pads are other than mobile? Or that Android devices aren't mobile? It makes no sense.

Question: I don't see anything about the compression/quality levels, which greatly impacts demand on networks and data usage for consumers.

These guys are scrambling. I reckon they should have waited until they could actually have it work like a TV - you know, one channel selector and that's it.

Beyond this app, I did see that 7 is now streaming Live. Not sure about the others. I just noticed an advert for a program with that designation yesterday.


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