[LINK] Unassigned IPv4 addresses exhausted

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Yes, and thanks, Rick. That’s exactly what I was wondering about in my reply to Glen.
Surely IPv6 awareness is required throughout networks? And so, how aware are we?

And, is this the reason for Australia’s somewhat unusually poor Google graphics here:



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Glen Turner wrote:

> There's a slight difference between the above and the IAB's statement
> that "the *pool* of unassigned IPv4 addresses has been exhausted". That
> is, all IPv4 addressing at IANA has been assigned out to the regional
> internet registries (APNIC, etc). Those registries could be holding
> unassigned IPv4 address blocks, or they may have exhausted supplies
> too. In any case, a specification from a international standards body
> can't depend upon a supply being available.


At the very least, it appears that the Big Three operating systems support
IPv6. Now for all those routers, cable modems and other comms equipment.


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