[LINK] Unassigned IPv4 addresses exhausted

Paul Brooks pbrooks-link at layer10.com.au
Tue Nov 15 13:31:08 AEDT 2016

On 14/11/2016 4:45 PM, Andy Farkas wrote:
> On 14/11/2016 12:34, Paul Brooks wrote:
>> As always, we're only waiting on all the major and minor RSPs to provide IPv6-enabled
>> services, no excuses.
> I wonder how the Australian Government Transition to IPv6 is going?
> http://blog.tomw.net.au/2008/01/australian-government-transition-to.html
> "Achieving the 2015 target is more important than meeting the interim steps"
> Tom?

Andy - here is a progress report as of 2012, currently managed by Dept of Finance...


not too shabby, in terms of planning it would appear.
Execution leaves much to be desired though, and nowhere near as well covered as the
USA counterparts listed below this table




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