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On 11/20/16, Andy Farkas <andyf at andyit.com.au> wrote:
> In a discussion about acronyms on IRC this weekend we brought up the BASIC
> computer language. This link was posted, a great read, and brings back many
> memories: "Fifty Years of BASIC, the Programming Language That Made
> Computers
> Personal"
> http://time.com/69316/basic/

Thanks for the link. A recent thread on HackADay also remembered the
8bit home computers and the BASIC language that served as intro to
programming to a whole generation (my generation).

My basic skills served me well into the mid-90s as well, first on the
DOS era w MS BASIC PDS (Professional Development System) v8.1, a full
blown ide and debugger -text mode, CUA menus,which generated fast

Then there was PowerBasic (the product still lives on).

On the GUI era while evryone used MS VISUAL BASIC, I choose a
different path: CA-Realizer 2.0.

It was the first of many attempts during the 1990s to dethrone MSVB...
including Oracle's PowerObjects and IBM's VisualAge for Basic...

I go a bit into more detail in my HaD comment

Just my $0.02
> "And thus, a far higher fraction of students gained a little experience
> fiddling
> with 12-line programs that would make a pixel move…and thus knew, in
> their gut,
> that every dot on every screen obeyed an algorithm.”
> -andyf
> PS. I owned a copy of 101 BASIC Computer Games, and typed in many of them!
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