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seems we have a new top level domain.

> We’re working together today to create a Greater Sydney for all – now 
> and into the future – through a district planning process. Draft 
> District Plans and /Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056 /will be on public 
> exhibition from the end of 2016 until the end of March 2017.
> This is just the beginning.
> In 2017, we will continue to draw on your views and engage further 
> with the community to plan for land use, transport and infrastructure.
> An updated regional plan – /A Plan for Growing Sydney/, /Future 
> Transport Strategy/, formerly known as /The Long Term Transport 
> Masterplan/, and /State Infrastructure Strategy/ will aim to be 
> finalised collectively at the end of 2017.
> You will be able to read the draft District Plans and /Towards Our 
> Greater Sydney 2056 /at www.greater.sydney 
> <http://www.greater.sydney/>**and provide a formal submission or feedback:

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