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On Tuesday 22 November 2016 14:27:55 Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> seems we have a new top level domain.
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>> You will be able to read the draft District Plans and /Towards Our Greater Sydney 2056 /at www.greater.sydney <http://www.greater.sydney/>** and provide a formal submission or feedback:

Fascinating... the domain <greater.sydney> is hosted by Amazon Technologies who own -  Lucy seems to be outsourcing & offshoring the website in the best traditions of her kind.  What will Sydney, Nova Scotia ever do?

The plan for Sydney sounds exactly like something I saw advertised in a tourism magazine back when the third runway at Sydney KSA was being pushed by a tourism body and Bob Hawke ("I don't care how many people were at the Opera House, the third runway is going ahead").  I believe Hawke has form here as he was also a leading lobbyist for an American company promoting an Australian dump for global nuclear waste.  What a man.

Anyhow, the tourism lobby of the time saw a planning zone around the central city and eastern suburbs pushing out to some of the leafy northern suburbs - that would be the tourist theme park.  The honest workers would be located towards Parramatta, and the "deplorables" down around Campbelltown.

David L.

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