[LINK] Data drought

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Wed Nov 23 14:06:20 AEDT 2016

Looks like decades of procrastination have finally caught up with us.
> AUSTRALIA’S data drought has hit crisis point as download rationing, 
> repeated disconnections and high costs leave 400,000 rural families 
> and businesses facing an ever-widening digital divide.
For the satellites, planned takeup rates will see the capacity exhausted 
and reserve capacity reduced to zero. The second satellite isn't even 
fully commissioned and it looks like we need more. Either that or 
quickly build additional terrestrial infrastructure to reduce demand on 
the satellites.

By all reports, fixed wireless backhaul capacity has been 
under-resourced. Labor's original plan was nearly all fibre. The revised 
plan has far more wireless backhaul.

Then there's the power draw of equipment intended for remote locations. 
You know, ones without mains power.
> Yes, it is pretty power hungry, the equivalent of a small fridge. 
> Noticeable on a small battery bank.

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