[LINK] Regional wireless and spectrum allocation

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Thu Nov 24 14:12:39 AEDT 2016

Bumbling by nbn™ (on behalf of our government) has opened up 
opportunities for regional wireless Internet service providers. It seems 
moves are afoot to lock up spectrum, leaving them with nothing but 
unlicenced spectrum.

Red WiFi operates in Queensland, but they're not the only such providers.

<https://www.redwifi.com.au/urgent-updates> The video's worth watching, 
if only for its unpolished charm.

> The ducks guts of this is that the 1427–1518 MHz band (the 1.5 GHz 
> band) and the 3575–3700 MHz band (the 3.6 GHz band) are under review 
> internationally to be re-farmed for mobile network use.
> The ACMA (Australia's RF spectrum manager) are seeking input on future 
> use of these bands in Australia.
> Red WIFI (and others) currently use these frequencies in the regions 
> to build WIFI networks for #datadrought customers.
> IMO, submission should clearly indicate that MBB networks have no need 
> for these frequencies in the regions and that we need to preserve the 
> likes of Red WIFI.
> IMO there is no problem if these bands are used for MBB in the 
> metropolitan areas only.

> There are people who live on the city fringes who do not have decent 
> landlines, ADSL or mobile coverage who rely on these small ISPs for 
> telecommunications services.

Can any Linker elaborate?

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