[LINK] RFI: Is Google News finally fully evil?

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Wed Aug 2 16:43:46 AEST 2017

>What I'm seeing is here:

At 3:53 PM +1000 2/8/17, Jim Birch wrote:
>You're in Google News.  Go to standard Google Search, select News at the top, enter your date range and and sort by date...

Thanks, but the only difference that made was to default me into AU not US
(although that may have been based on the auto-complete function),
i.e. other than the selection of stories in the body, it's identical.

Deleting the 7 {news.}google.com/.au cookies, and blocking cookies from those domains made no difference.

Some possibilities:
-   browser-version-based
-   OS-based
-   whether/what-they-know-about-the-user-based

Some improbabilities:
-   there's an entry in an 'undesirable visitors' list
-   it's a special 'Roger' setting
(I might be that important to me, but not to them;  and if they took any notice of me, then surely they'd do something far more nefarious than this).

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