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At 02:12 PM 3/08/2017, Roger Clarke wrote:
>[What was actually done is unknown, as is whether (a) the denial of consent was ignored and a record created anyway, or (b) a skeleton record was created, or (c) an entry was made in a separate database to record the denial, or (d) the separate database was later conveniently lost or not integrated, or (e) the opt-out feature was never implemented, or (f) they reneged and withdrew the opt-out feature.]

Have you considered an FOI to find out what did happen?

>[I was deeply involved throughout the 'stakeholder engagement' process for the PCEHR.  It was a complete debacle, with 'professional' 'engagement officers' used to keep advocates away from the design team.  The executives were totally untrustworthy.  Even the lead clinician, who *I* thought was untrustworthy (but who other people seemed to accept as if he was one of the good guys) eventually left - because he discovered that the other execs were untrustworthy ...]

I can vouch for this. In the early days, their tech systems person and about five other people were at my table when we were discussing various privacy aspects of the architecture. It was a worthless exercise because he had made up his mind, the design was in place, so just shut up, lady. Not in those words, but that was his meaning. No matter how many problems we pointed out with their design, it was too far down the track and they weren't changing. Did I say it was a worthless exercise? 

We were outnumbered at the table to start with, which is often how these 'consultations' are run, more about 'telling you what we ARE doing or going to do' rather than being open to input/comment. Very few gov consultancies are legitimate, and when they are legit but the gov doesn't get the answer they want, they just wait you out until they can find the right puppets who will fall in line.

This is why I stopped participating. I'd rather do fun things.


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